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The Cornerstone Forum Samizdat (TCF Samizdat) is a dedicated open forum for discussion of content posted on Gil Bailie’s Facebook page, The Cornerstone Forum. Mr. Bailie, an ultra-conservative Catholic and author of “Violence Unveiled: Humanity at the Crossroads,” has for many years sought to propagate what he calls “Christian anthropology” through selected media—mainly lectures, a website, and a Facebook page. In recent years, he has become increasingly impatient with challenges to his and the Catholic magisterium’s political and religious views, especially those pertaining to homosexuality, same-sex marriage, reproductive choice, religious liberty, and Catholic historical revisionism. Unwilling or unable to defend Catholic teachings on these matters, he closes his ears to any criticism of them, perhaps in hopes of continuing to channel them unopposed. The Cornerstone Forum is thus no forum in any true sense of the word. It has become a one-way conduit for religious-right and specifically Cath-con propaganda.

Our Samizdat site has been conceived as a venue for those who have been silenced at The Cornerstone Forum. These are not wild-eyed radicals. In most cases they are themselves Catholics and were drawn to Mr. Bailie’s site because they liked his book, which was published in 1995. I myself liked it enormously—so much that I read it twice—and I am still trying to understand what happened to its author in the intervening years. More than a few visitors to The Cornerstone Forum have expressed the same puzzlement about this, but were “de-friended” before they could pursue the question. Whether they will find their way to TCF Samizdat is, of course, my big unanswered question at this point. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I will craft my own responses to Mr. Bailie’s content as time allows. I have found him to be a very capable aggregator of news and opinion representing the Cath-con perspective, and so whenever I want to scope out the terrain in that direction, I go to The Cornerstone Forum and follow his links. At the same time, many of Mr. Bailie’s expressed views cry out for refutation, and I cannot bring myself to just “pass through” without registering my objections. I did so directly for about a decade until I was de-friended. Now I’ll register those objections here.

All articles posted on this site are authored by me unless otherwise attributed. Views expressed by guest contributors do not necessarily reflect my own.

About me

Doughlas Best 1-resizedI have blogged at The Bent Angle (TBA) for many years. “Bent,” for those unfamiliar with gay slang, means “not straight.” (That also happens to be its ordinary meaning, BTW.) Through TBA, I have attempted to offer one gay man’s “angle” on cultural developments that affect the lives of GLBTs everywhere. But TBA has never been a single-issue blog. Any topic that piques my interest is likely to find space there, provided I feel I can make a worthwhile contribution to the conversation.

I live in Seattle, Washington with my partner of the past 13 years and our cat. We (my partner and I) are planning to be married in July, 2013 under Washington State’s new marriage-equality law. But who knows? Now that our state has legalized same-sex marriage, our chances of reaching our real goals—polygamy and marriage with our household pets—have vastly improved! What a cozy ménage we’ll make as Western Civilization slides down the Slippery Slope! (Not).

Doughlas Remy


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  1. Dean Hansen on

    Hello Doughlas,

    Thank you for your site. As an avid follower of Gil Bailie’s early teachings on religious anthropology, I can personally attest to the very noticeable changes that have taken place in recent years. It would be an understatement to say I’m dismayed by what I see. Whether out of festering motives finally made public, or through personal duress of an undisclosed nature, I’ve seen him go from an engaging and charismatic figure with a wide ranging and impressive array of interesting and inclusive ideas designed to promote and spur both philosophical and practical interest and involvement, into what can only be characterized as a one note demagogue, whose marriage to church doctrine is perverse in its monomania and unchallenging nature. All of this has happened in very quick succession. Gil has circled his own psychological wagons in preparation for whatever apocalyptic onslaught he imagines he and his beloved (albeit sclerotic) church is destined to endure.

    A number of people who knew Gil in his previous “incarnation” as a much more approachable and agreeable fellow, have dropped into his forums and attempted at various times to address these issues with a mixture of both confusion and alarm, only to be rebuffed after a time by discovering that their postings had either been deleted, or banned outright. This, from a man who claims to value truth, dialogue, hospitality, generosity and some degree of accountability in his relationships with people. (These days there’s apparently a rather large, red-letter caveat: It’s based on whether or not you agree with him)

    My hope is that your blog will confront and explore these issues which are left on the cutting room floor at The Cornerstone Forum, and that both former and present friends of Mr. Bailie will be both pleased and encouraged to see a wider and more thorough discussion of issues which Mr. Bailie has already made his mind up about and has no intention of exploring toward anything approaching a rational, nuanced or balanced conclusion.

    Best Wishes,

    Dean Hansen

  2. Proctor S. Burress on

    Interesting commentary, nicely done. Coming from the Reformation traditions I am always warmed by thoughtful, progressive Roman Catholic thought Can’t we all live together?

    Am interested in what some Catholic intellectuals would put to use of Flannery O’Connor and her tortured works not to mention Walker Percy and now…wow, double wow…Rene Girard. Again…not to mention…the Raven Foundation. Is there no end…to which the human imagination will continue to be put and create hurdles as well as bridges to our understanding of the world?

    It seems to me that the sources of our imagination is far more interesting and profound than human sources…rivalry?…of violence!

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