Bailie to follow Cardinal Dolan’s lead on Francis’s new “tone”

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

by Doughlas Remy

(This is a follow-up to my recent post, “Will the Pope’s new tone regarding homosexuality ripple into The Cornerstone Forum?” (7/30/13), where I invited speculations about Mr. Bailie’s reading of Pope Francis’s recent remarks about homosexuality. I wondered if Bailie would follow Cardinal Dolan’s lead in denying that anything is afoot.)

So far, Mr. Bailie is channeling Cardinal Dolan on this, i.e., “Okay, just move along now, there’s nothing to see.” (Bailie links to an article by James V. Schall, S. J., in The Catholic World Report of 8/3/13.) The conservative spin on Francis’s new tone is captured again today in a Crisis Magazine article entitled “Pope Francis Will Enliven the Benedict Legacy,” by Jeffrey Tucker. (Notice the title is not a question inviting discussion. ) Tucker takes the liberal media to task for reading too much into the new Pope’s words:

The line [is] that he is overturning all previous ways of doing things. He is embracing progress over tradition, loves the poor and not the rich, favors people over ritual, and is willing to rethink fundamental teachings and reopen the debate over moral issues.

What’s true and what’s not in this line of thinking? Very little of it is true at all.

Did I get this right? Tucker is claiming that there is no essential difference between Francis and Benedict? No change was needed because everything was just fine under Benedict? Neither Francis NOR Benedict favor people over ritual? (astonishing admission!) Neither of them loves the poor and not the rich? (another startling admission!) Neither sees—or has seen—any need for progress or change in the Church’s financial dealings, its stance toward gays, or its policies regarding cover-ups of child sexual abuse by priests?

Tucker’s piece is unadulterated propaganda. Who can ever forget Benedict’s Prada shoes, his extravagant costuming, his bullet-proof Pope-mobile (Where’s God when you need him?)? Who can ignore Francis’s easy mingling with crowds and his exhorting young Catholics to “protest,” and to “shake things up” in the Church?

The Church does change when its feet are held to the fire, as we saw in the aftermath of the child-abuse scandals. The Church is as fragile as a man’s ego, which is all the more reason why women should be welcomed into the priesthood. The Church would just like you to think that it is a rock, and this is where Jeffrey Tucker and Crisis Magazine come in with their propaganda machine.

“Move along, everyone! There’s nothing to see here.” (Sub-text: “We haven’t screwed up. We can’t screw up. We’re all males. You’re in good hands. Trust us. Just trust us.”)


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  1. Ben Boyce on

    Ben Boyce

    OK, folks, it is well past time to expose Gil Bailie’s descent from a meaningful public intellectual to a mouthpiece for all the nutbaggery from the extreme fringes of the right-wing Tea Party mouthbreathers. I have started this site to ask others to post their comments about The Cornerstone Forum (TCF) on Facebook. Here is the latest sample of his descent into hyperbolic conspiracy theory mongering. I studied this man’s teachings for years, until he went off the rails when his work could no longer pay the bills, and he gravitated towards the only patrons that would support TCF, wealthy right-wing traditionalist Catholics. So sad to see a good man warped by bad associations. Please feel free to post responses to his FB page here. I, and over a dozen people have been banned from commenting on his FB page, so here’s a place where we can respond.

    The Cornerstone Forum 10-21-13 Gil Bailie
    “The erosion of power from the states to THE STATE has escalated dramatically under the present administration. Almost complete control over education, healthcare, and the economy now resides with the federal bureaucracy. (The stock market now lives month-to-month on the sugar-high it gets each month from the Fed’s infusion of borrowed cash.)

    The legacy media and the Hollywood entertainment industry have long been happy to sing from the administration’s hymnal, asking in return only an occasional opportunity to schmooze with his eminence. But now something more formal and more ominous is emerging. Drip by drip we are becoming a people ruled from on high, by regulation, by executive order, by judicial fiat, and by unvarnished acts of political manipulation.

    The American experiment in ordered liberty may well be dying, not with a bang (thought that may come, too), but with a whimper. We don’t yet have Pravda, but we’re drifting in that direction.

    “Now we’re all living under the ObamaCare dome: Even when you flick on a thriller or a kiddie show, there will be no escaping the message that the Affordable Care Act is really, really affordable and super-especially caring.”

  2. Ben Boyce on

    Doughlas, I have created a Facebook page “The Cornerstone Forum Unveiled” where we can respond to the stream of homophobia and right-wing pandering on Gil Bailies FB page. I linked the readers to your site:

    Ben Boyce

    There is a WordPress blog sponsored by Doughlas Rehmy who is one of “the disappeared” from The Cornerstone Forum FB page. He has been doing this for several years and there is a wealth of material on the origins of the conflicts within the TCF community. Check this out:

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