Arguing with Christians on the Internet About Homosexuality

by Dean Hansen

A: God is Love.

B: Does God love homosexuals?

A: God loves everyone.

B: So God accepts homosexuals?

A: Yes, as long as they don’t have sex.

B: Why can’t they have sex?

A: Because homosexual sex is intrinsically evil.

B: Says who?

A: The Pope.

B: Who told the Pope that homosexual sex is evil?

A: God.

B: Is this the same God that Jesus called father?

A: Of course it is.

B: Then why didn’t Jesus ever say anything about homosexuality?

A: The Old Testament did.

B: Did Jesus write the Old Testament?

A: The Bible was written under the inspiration of God.

B: Didn’t Jesus say “I and my father are one?”

A: Yes.

B: So we should do what the Old Testament says?

A: Not everything.

B: Why?

A: Because we’d have to kill our own children when they were disobedient among other things.

B: You think killing your own children is wrong?

A: Of course it is!

B: Who told you that?

A: The Church! It instructs us in how to live holy lives.

B: What about smashing children’s head heads in with rocks, does the church command that?

A: Don’t be ridiculous!

B: So, some things in the Old Testament are just crazy?

A: It was a different time!

B: But it’s still inspired by God?

A: In most cases.

B: And it’s the Church’s job to sort it out?

A: Yes.

B: Even though the Church is filled with homosexual priests who abuse children?

A: It’s the Church’s job to sort that out too.

B: So you have a group of self-loathing homosexuals whose hatred contaminates everything it touches?

A: To err is human, to forgive divine.

B: Do you think forgiveness means entrusting your children to a church with no moral authority?

A: It’s better than having them go to hell!

B: Wouldn’t it be wiser to worry about the one your church has created for itself?


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